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Introduction Crane Truck of Hydraulic System

Crane Truck is a widely used construction machine which such mechanical energy at a faster walking speed, mobility, adaptability, self-power supply, capable of field operations, flexible and easy to operate, so the transportation, urban construction, fire fighting like Emergency Fire Truck, a large field of materials, infrastructure, and emergency and other fields has been widely used. On the truck crane with hydraulic crane technology, has a large carrying capacity, can work in there are shock, vibration and poor environmental conditions.


Since the implementation of elements of the system operation needs to be done relatively simple, low positional accuracy requirements, so the system manually operated mainly for crane hydraulic system design to ensure reliable and safety is most important.

FOTON 4x2 3.2T Dumper Loading Crane XCMG

Truck crane is supporting the truck as the basic section, add the corresponding lift in its feature to form a complete crane trucks, and trucks owned by the power of a hydraulic system powered crane; the crane work, truck tire unstressed, relying on four hydraulic legs to lift the entire truck, crane and portions of the commencement of the lifting operation; when the need to transfer the lifting job site, you need to retract the various parts of the crane on the truck, making truck back to the vehicle transport functional status, were transferred. General truck crane in function has the following requirements

information of crane truck:

farm FOTON tipper truck with XCMG crane


1) Machine can easily transfer with trucks to meet their fieldwork mobility, flexible power supply requirements need not be provided;

2) When lifting operation leg mechanism can lift the vehicle so that all truck tires off the ground, from the direct effect of lifting the load, and the hydraulic legs to support the state can maintain the same position for a long time, to prevent soft legs phenomenon occurs when lifting heavy objects;

3) Within a certain range can be adjusted to balance the locking of the boom length and angle of depression, to meet the different requirements for lifting operations;

4) A boom in 3600 can be moved anywhere within the lock;

5) Makes lifting heavy objects within a certain speed range any lift, and can be stopped at any position can load on the vehicle slip phenomenon does not occur when the load starts.


The schematic structure of a truck crane, which mainly consists of the following five parts

1) Leg means when the lifting operation to make truck tires off the ground, set up the vehicle, do not make the load pressure in the tires, and can adjust the level of the vehicle, usually four-legged structure.

2) Make boom slewing mechanism to achieve any rotation 3600, can be locked in any position to stop.

3) Boom telescopic mechanism so that within a certain size range is adjustable and can be positioned to change the working length of the boom. Typically three or four telescopic structure.

4) Luffing jib boom angle adjustable mechanism causes between 150-800 to change the inclination of the boom.

5) Hook landing mechanism causes heavy lifting in the range of any lift and load stopped at any position, lifting and lowering speed within a certain range infinitely adjustable.


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