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Tell You About Aolong Crane Trucks

The operation of Dumper Loading Crane, mainly through multi-cylinder manually operated to achieve their action. Usually a single action, there are two cylinders of composite action in a few cases when the lifting operation, in order to simplify the structure, the system uses a hydraulic pump to each actuator series supply mode. Under light load conditions, the actuator can be any combination of each series, so that simultaneous operation of several actuators, such as scaling and rotation, or scaling and amplitude at the same time and so on.

DongFeng 4x2 3.2T Lorry Mounted Crane XCMG

Power truck crane hydraulic system pump are provided by the truck engine mounted on the chassis by gearbox PTO box. Quantitative gear pump high-pressure pump, the engine speed can be artificially controlled by adjusting the throttle, so despite the fixed displacement pump, but its flow output can be within a certain range by controlling the throttle opening size truck to artificially control, enabling variable speed; when the crane is not working, the hydraulic system in the unloading state. The specific circumstances of each portion of the hydraulic system of the work are as follows:


1) Cylinder retractable leg loops around the lorry mounted crane chassis have the legs; through the mechanical mechanism can hide and lay down each leg. In each of the legs are filled with a hydraulic cylinder, leg movement is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. Two front legs and two rear legs respectively, by 1 multiplexer valve three-way manual valve A and B control its extended or retracted. M-type valves are used median function, and the passage in series mode. Make sure each leg extends reliability is critical to go, so that each cylinder has a two-way lock loop to ensure that the legs are securely locked, to prevent the occurrence of "soft legs" phenomenon during lifting operations or Driving during the fall on their own legs.


2) Boom rotation loop slewing mechanism adopts hydraulic motors as actuators. Hydraulic motor can through the worm gear box and a pair of inner gear meshing driven rotary turntable. Due to the low rotary speed of only 1-3 revolution per minute, so the hydraulic motor speed is not high, so there is no need to set up a hydraulic motor brake circuit. Valve 2 is a multi-channel system with three-way manual valve to control dial C positive, reverse and lock the fixed three conditions. The system is in the flow of oil


3) Stretch the loop by the basic boom cranes and telescopic composition, Telescopic cover basic arm among the telescopic hydraulic cylinder with a three-way manual control valve D to drive boom extension and retracted. To prevent falling due to weight leaving the boom, the oil passage is provided with a balanced circuit.


4) Landing loop landing mechanism is the main working body truck starter, which consists of a low speed high torque hydraulic motor to drive the windlass quantitative work. Hydraulic motor is, reverse the three-way manual valve F control. Hoisting speed is adjusted by changing the truck engine speed so as to change the input flow pump output flow and hydraulic motors to achieve. In the way back to the oil hydraulic motor with a balanced circuit, in order to prevent heavy objects fall freely; on the hydraulic motor also has a one-way throttle balanced circuit with single-acting brake cylinder brake circuit composed, when the system does not Work realized by the spring break cylinders on the winch brake force to prevent the lifting heavy decline; when the crane weight lifting, use the brake open delay characteristics, slip phenomenon occurs when the car fell avoid lifting hoist.

DongFeng 4x2 3.2T Lorry Mounted Crane XCMG


Aolongtrucks has reached a huge scale with total assets of 58 billion US dollar, area of 198000 square meters, and plant space of 50000 square meters, 700 employees including 160 professionals and technical, 8 production line, 600 sets of advanced equipment, annual productivity of 5000 units. More info come and visit:


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